Millionaire Freeze Dried Co., Ltd.

Millionaire Freeze Dried Co., Ltd. is a veteran in the field of fresh vegetables and fruits for over 50 years. Beginning with selling fresh fruits and vegetables at Pak Khlong Talat, with both imported products and locally grown products in Thailand. Until later, buying land to grow vegetables and fruits in various provinces until seeing the problem offresh fruits and vegetables oversupply causing loss of Thai farmers.

Therefore, we have devised ways to help prevent overflowing fruits and vegetables in various ways until we have decided to process fruits and vegetables as a new alternative for consumers. The company has researched various types of fruit and vegetable processing until found a freeze-dried process, which is a cold drying that produces products that are as stable as vegetables most natural fresh fruits, including all processes, do not use oils and additives in production. This makes the freeze-processed products that are safe, tasty and good for health. Nowadays, the world is a new generation of people who are more conscious about health, therefore the company is confident in investing and has experience in the vegetable and fruits industry for over 50 years.

The company selects only quality agricultural products and prices that are suitable for customers to produce only With consideration to the health of customers is important as the company slogan

“Freeze your age by freeze-dried”


Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetable

Frozen Fruits and Vegetable


With determination to develop products for the best we develop internationally recognized quality, standards, and certifications. In order to guarantee the attention of the production process and the quality of the products of our company and build consumer confidence.